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Changes in the award mechanic (medals)

In such a gigantic and complex organism such as the military, medals demonstrate in one quick and clear designation of human merit and deed identifying individuals worthy of respect. In War Thunder medals serve the same purpose and indicate the impressive achievements of one person to other players.

Whilst there will be more medals available for all nations, their rarity, and hence their value will increase significantly.

In one of the larger upcoming updates the number of medals in our game will be increased from 65 to 186 in total across all nations. France has already received new medals in one of our previous updates and now it is time to add medals for other nations too. For those nations we will add new medals whilst older medals will receive updated conditions or may be removed where they don’t correspond to design.

Old medals

We have completely revised the design of older  medals; the requirements for their receipt, their appearance and have ranked them in order of precedence.

If you already own the medal - it will remain with you. Some older and incompatible to the design medals have been removed but the bonuses for their receipt will stay with you.
Open the list of medal changes

Take advantage of the time remaining before the changes are completed if you were planning to own one of the existing medals.

New medals

These will be a truly valuable achievement and adornment in your profile in the eyes of other players. You will still be able to unlock the easier medals but the more significant achievements will require skill, concentration and time - the requirements to own them will be increased.

Updated medals will now be placed in order of precedence as is customary with the medal rules of all nations. The More valuable medals and orders will open a unique in-game title to the owner.

Hold your medals in great esteem and honour!

The War Thunder Team

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