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New authentic decals (15.03-03.04)
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Make your vehicle more authentic! We regularly introduce new decals that you can unlock and/or purchase.

New decals will become available for unlocking and purchase every 2 weeks, after this time, they will be replaced with new ones. Players will retain the unlocked decals forever!

We have already added several new decals for you that are available until the 3rd of April. You may find them in the customization menu, under the “week’s latest” section.

Be sure to follow the news so you don’t miss out on unique decals in the future!

Emblem of the 132 Armoured Division "Centauro", Italy

Gain 25 victories while driving Italian ground forces or purchase for 200 GE.

Emblem of the 69th Armor Regiment, USA

Destroy 80 (40 for RB and SB) enemy vehicles while driving American ground vehicles or purchase for 200 GE.

Emblem of 2nd Infantry Division, Great Britain

Participate in 10 battles and achieve a score of at least 2,000 while driving British ground vehicles.

“Swordfish" emblem of the 3rd S-Boote flotilla of Kriegsmarine

Purchase for 200 GE.


The requirements for the decals may be checked by hovering your mouse over the decal in the customization menu. In order to obtain a decal you should be using vehicles of ranks 2-7 in random battles and events. They cannot be gained in the Enduring Confrontation mode.


Previous decals - have been moved to respective sections  

  • Emblem of 2/26 tank battalion, France → France (tanks).
  • Tactical sign of the Japanese 2nd Chutai of the 34th Sensha Rentai→ Japan (tanks).
  • Emblem of 103rd Tank Battalion of the Wehrmacht → Germany (tanks).
  • "Ace of Clubs" emblem, 153 Gruppo, RA. → Italy.
  • "Eagle" emblem of the 520th Temporary Interception Regiment, IJAAF, 1945 → Japan.


Decals by Colin 'Fenris' Muir

"Ace and Anchor" emblem, 2nd Gv. IAP, Northern Fleet Air Force,  1943, USSR

Destroy 80 (40 for RB and SB) enemy vehicles while flying USSR aircraft.

The War Thunder Team

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