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T30 Premium heavy tank

A long-awaited addition to the “hard-headed” American heavy tanks. With its powerful 155mm cannon, the T30 will be the grand prize of the War Thunder winter marathon!

The T30 heavy tank project was developed within the framework of the same program as the T29, which should be familiar to our players, but it got a much more powerful gun: a 155mm T7 cannon. In point of fact, the T30 was designed to battle fortifications, so it can be classified as an assault tank. 

The T30 has the highest-caliber weapon in this series of heavy tanks, and in terms of gameplay it has all the advantages of its line, including reliable defense for the front part of the turret, an accurate and deadly gun, a large crew of six men, and several machine guns. With its impressive 65-ton mass, the tank can reach a speed of 36 km/h, which is just fine for a vehicle of this class. The gun installed on the tank is unique for the game – you won’t find any other vehicle with that gun. Tank commanders can choose from four types of rounds: two armor-piercing varieties with a penetration of up to 197 mm, a very interesting high-explosive shell with 54 mm of penetration, and smoke rounds. Despite the high weight of the ammo, the cannon is quite accurate and has comfortable horizontality for firing at medium range, although it doesn’t exactly reload quickly. The good defense of the gun mantlet makes it possible to “tank” with the turret – only a few kinetic rounds from rank IV can really threaten the defense of the front section, so you only have to worry about the HEAT rounds and ATGMs that can already be encountered in battles. The best application of the T30 is a positional attack or point defense while relying on the powerful cannon and gun mantlet. Don’t forget about the long reload time and relatively weak defense of the hull, and try to fight in a group of allied tanks, and you’ll have lots of fun with the T30. It’s one hell of a tank!

The War Thunder Team

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