A Centenary of Poland Regaining Independence

November 11th is a very special day in the hearts of the Polish People. Exactly 100 years ago Poland regained its independence. After 123 years this brave country has returned on to world maps. To celebrate this significant anniversary, we have prepared something special for all of you!

15:00 GMT on the 9th of November — 7:00 GMT on the 12th of November you will be able to:

  • Obtain the famous "Winged Hussars" camouflage by winning 1 battle whilst flying the Mi-24V
    • The very last vehicle you control in the winning battle needs to be the Mi-24V
  • Purchase the Premium Lanovsky's P-47M-1-RE Thunderbolt for the American Tech Tree
    • You only have 4 days to purchase it, so be quick!

Lanovsky's P-47M-1-RE Thunderbolt


Witold Łanowski, nicknamed "Lanny" first enrolled in the military in memory of his colleagues as a self-confident and impartial individual and demonstrated himself as a great instructor and pilot. He was born on June 8th, 1915 in Lwów, and in 1935 he joined the Cadet School in Dęblin. After four years he became an instructor. During World War II, thanks to Gładych's support, he was transferred to the American 61st Fighter Squadron, where on May 15th, 1944, he finally took control of a Thunderbolt. The P-47M-1-RE version which he piloted had a new, more powerful engine, which made it faster than almost any German fighter with a piston engine. The aircraft was armed with eight 12.7 mm machine guns and also could carry bombs and rockets which made it an effective ground attacker.

Sherman Firefly Ic Scorpion



We also wish to remind you, that for some time we have had the powerful Premium Sherman Firefly Ic from 1st Squadron, 4th Armoured Regiment “Scorpion”, 2nd Armoured Brigade, 2nd “Warsaw” Armoured Division available in game! So if you are a fan of a Polish themed armour, check out the British tank tree. the Mighty Sherman Firefly "Trzyniec" with its 17-pounder gun and the addition of two beautiful Polish decals  is waiting for purchase!

"Trzyniec" Decal
"Scorpion" decal

The War Thunder Team


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