Update 1.41 - Ground Forces OBT!
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Pilots and tankers!

We are pleased to announce the release of the War Thunder Update 1.41 that makes Ground Forces available for everyone to play! In order to add tanks to your hangar just go to the “Army” tab in the “Research” menu and purchase them the same way as you would do with the aircraft.

Major features of the 1.41 Update:

  • Ground forces are now available for all players in open beta test (Ground Forces progress achieved by players in the CBT will be wiped);
  • New planes, which include the MiG-3 armed with cannons, the I-185 reference model, navy version of the B-25 - the PBJ-1 in two modifications and two new jet-powered Me-262 in the German tree, Griffon powered Spitfire fighters for Britain;
  • Cockpit for all versions of the Ki-45 heavy fighter;
  • Optimization of shadows and update of visual effects;
  • Updated ammunition and ballistics.

Full Changelog here

This is war!

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