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Naval Closed Beta testing begins!
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The much anticipated time has come - Naval closed testing on all gaming platforms!

Players are now able to test the naval fleets of two nations in game - the US and Germany, which already have more than 40 combat ships of different classes available, from torpedo boats to light cruisers.

One of the key features in the Naval Fleet development in War Thunder will be a horizontal research system that will allow you to quickly explore exactly the class of ships that you are most interested in.

The CBT of Naval forces is available in special events "Naval battles" (Events and tournaments tab). If there is a technical requirement, fleet testing may be temporarily suspended to correct errors or add new content.

Access to closed beta testing is accessed by PC and PlayStation®4 owners of “Naval Packs”, as well as all participants of early testing on Xbox One.

You can get access to Closed Beta by buying any early release packs. In the future, we plan to invite new participants from the list of players who previously applied for the fleet testing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How can I join Naval CBT?

  • You have to purchase one of the naval packs in the Gaijin Store (or have one already).

Q. Will testers earn RP and SL during CBT? Will they need to pay for repair etc in SL using the normal budget.

  • Yes, one of the goals of CBT is to test progression and economy.

Q. If we earn RP / SL, will progress be reset at the end? How many “wipes” are planned?

  • All research progress will be wiped once only before going in to Open Beta. The exception will be crew skill points - they will be reset only if there will be changes (additions/removals) to Naval skills when Open Beta starts.
  • Crew qualifications (Basic, Expert, Ace) for specific ships in each slot will also be wiped, and Silver Lions and Golden Eagles spent refunded.
  • All Silver Lions earned during CBT will remain on your account
  • Silver Lions spent on ammo and repairs of ships during CBT will not be compensated.
  • Silver Lions spent on ship purchase and modules will be refunded.

Q. Will we be able to spend GE on modules etc for Naval and will they be refunded after the wipe?

  • During CBT, you will NOT be able to spend GE for:
    • Purchasing ship modules
    • Accelerating ships research using convertible RP
    • Purchasing ship camouflages and decals.

GE can only be spent on purchasing crew skill points, since they are universal for Air, Ground and Navy on the crews in each slot. Skill points spent on Naval skills will not be wiped, unless there are changes (additions/removals) to Naval skills when the Open Beta starts.

Q. Will players be able to stream the CBT gameplay?

  • Yes, we welcome this.

Q. Will CBT have the same limitations as Pre-CBT (max 2 PC per account)?

  • Yes it will, player accounts will still only be able to access testing on a maximum of two machines.

Q. Will players have to wait for the next major update for ОBT release?

  • Naval development runs its own course and is not tied to the major update release schedule. For example, we plan to introduce the Soviet naval tree during CBT even before update 1.81. We don’t have an exact timeframe for Open Beta yet, but cbt it is planned to continue until end of 2018, but of course, this could change.

Q. Are you going to increase the size of the waves in rough weather? As far as i know, the Nvidia waveworks module can do that.

  • The tests have already included varied weather and conditions, however, most players do not like extreme weather conditions. The interest of players depends on the weather. We have different views, but currently its maximum value should not completely limit the use of any of the types of ships. Right now, players enjoy a maximum at about 4.5 on the beaufort storm scale.

Q. Have you planned to have the smoke from engines and fire / explosion persist for a longer time and change according to the wind? This would increase immersion on the battlefield.

  • Fire and smoke effects currently persist as long as there is a fire burning.

Q. I bought an early access pack for navy, when i will get it my vessel in game?

  • You can already see the German and US ships in your account. Ships from other countries (eg Project 1124) will be available with the addition of these countries in the next stages of fleet testing

Q. Is it possible to purchase talismans or backups for ships?

  • No, they are not functional at the moment.

Purchase of one of the naval packs will provide access to the Naval CBT testing team: 

Naval Pack Z-20 Karl Galster
Pre-order - Naval Pack Z-20 Karl Galster
The Kit Includes:
  • Destroyer Z-20 Karl Galster (Germany);
  • Premium account for 15 days;
  • 2000 Golden Eagles;
  • Naval battles closed beta access;
Naval Pack USS Cowell DD-547
Pre-order - Naval Pack USS Cowell DD-547
The Kit Includes:
  • Fletcher-class destroyer USS Cowell DD-547 (USA);
  • Premium account for 15 days;
  • 2000 Golden Eagles;
  • Naval battles closed beta access;

The War Thunder Team


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