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Major Update 1.79 “Project-X”
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War Thunder Presents - Update 1.79 “Project-X”

We have named our update “Project-X” not only because of the upcoming release on the Xbox One. Among the interesting features of this update, there are many “X” related items: XM-1 (GM) and XM-1 (Chrysler), XM803, AMX-40 and Fritz-X guided bomb. In addition we have added new locations and missions, hugely reworked sounds for aircraft and added many other changes  that made the game even better.

New vehicles

13 new ground vehicles and 17 new or updated aircraft.

Protection analysis

New missions and locations

This function will allow you to check selected armoured vehicles directly from the hangar. Choose a vehicle from which you want to attack, check the range and one of the available shells and explore the weak spots of your opponent!

Italy — New location for combined battles.

Ladoga - new location for air battles and two missions for the location: “Frontline” and “Air Supremacy”.

Many other changes and interesting things in update 1.79 “Project-X”! Download and play now!

Full list of changes

Info: Players with premium accounts will given extra 12 hours of premium.

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