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Massive update to air battle audio
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In recent large updates, we have been improving our game’s audio according to plan, not only by reworking engine and firing sounds, but also their interaction with the environment and even the direction of your view, this allows us to achieve an incredible level of integration between the sounds and the aspect of the entire battle. Update 1.79 “Project X” also brings you new audio, especially if you’re a pilot.

Even if we hadn’t implemented such a complex interaction of sounds with the environment in our game, we’d still be able to pleasantly surprise you with a full rework of aircraft weaponry sounds in the upcoming update – every cannon and machine gun will now sound more realistic! Additionally, the new sounds of the mechanical aspects, such as the operation of the guns, vibrations and even turret rotation, will confirm the impressive amount of work done. We’ve also implemented the mechanics for environmental interaction.

Interaction with the viewer

You are the centre of any battle in the game, not the capture point or the airfield. The audio environment is built around you, and we’ve paid special attention to these mechanics. Now, depending on your angle of view, you won’t just hear engine sound, but also shots from cannons and machine guns, both on aircraft and on the ground. Look at a vehicle from the rear to hear its muffled exhaust, look down from above and you can hear its flaps operating, look into the barrel of a firing gun and you’ll hear the shells whizzing past!

Interaction with the environment

There aren’t so many objects in the sky where sound can bounce off things and come back to you, so what kind of interaction could we be talking about? Let us explain.

Did you know that you aren’t just a participant in the conflict, you’re an observer as well? The mechanics of distributing sound will work both for allies and enemies, and you’ll hear people firing behind you and in front of you, up close or at long range, in a completely different way. If you prefer Simulator Battles, you’ll definitely notice the difference between a closed canopy and an open one. Even the vibration from firing can be felt through your vehicle’s frame. We’ve separately worked on the fluidity of shifts between the sounds when the cabin’s canopy is opened or closed. A whole range of factors is taken into account! The only thing missing for perfect realism is an airfield janitor who hears the shell casings as they fall onto the ground after you fire. And although we don’t have that guy, you still can hear the shell casings.

Turrets are a separate chapter in our work with audio. The game has open and enclosed turrets, single turrets, twin turrets, quadruple machine gun mounts, and cannons of various calibres. We’ve tried to make the audio for these turrets as realistic and distinctive as possible. The clank of the bolt, the creak as the turret turns, the thunder of the breech as it releases casings – these details create an atmosphere of battle from the gunner’s view.

Attention to detail

We wouldn’t be the first to say that attention to detail is appreciated by gamers, but we can confidently claim that you’re going to love these details, and the examples described above are far from exhaustive! Everything is far more impressive, and now you have a chance to experience it for yourself.

We’re giving you a tool to create an atmosphere of a true battle – take advantage of it!

Do you have any ideas for how to make War Thunder’s soundscape even more impressive? Tell us right here!

The War Thunder Team


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