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New authentic decals (18.05-04.06)

Make your vehicle more authentic! We regularly introduce new decals that you can unlock and/or purchase.

New decals will become available for unlocking and purchase every 2 weeks, and after that time, will be replaced with new ones. Players will retain the unlocked decals forever!

We have already added several new decals for you that are available until the 4th of June. You may find them in the customization menu, under the “week’s latest” section.

Be sure to follow the news so you don’t miss out on unique decals in the future!

Emblem of 21st Armoured Brigade Group, Britain


Purchase for 200 Golden Eagles.

14th Dragoon Regiment insignia, 2nd group of armored car, France

Capture 20 zones while driving French ground vehicles.

Emblem of 907th Sturmgeschütz Brigade of Wehrmacht, Gemany

Destroy 100 (50 in RB and SB) enemy vehicles while controlling German SPGs, or purchase for 200 Golden Eagles.

"Winged Longship" emblem of No.331 Squadron, RAF


Win 20 battles with an activity of 60% or more whilst flying British aircraft.


The requirements for the decals may be checked by hovering your mouse over the decal in the customization menu. In order to obtain a decal you should be using vehicles of ranks 2-6 in random battles and events. They cannot be gained in the Enduring Confrontation mode.


Previous decals - have been moved to  respective sections  

  • Emblem of the 3rd Infantry Division, Great Britain → Britain (tanks).
  • "Forget it" emblem of the 66th Armour Regiment, 2nd Armoured Division, USA → Allies (tanks).
  • Emblem of the 88th Tank Destroyer Battalion of Wehrmacht → Axis (tanks)
  • "Seagull" emblem of SAL 6 Squadron, FAF  → France.
  • "Shooting Star" emblem, Cpl Suzuki, 244th Sentai, IJAAF → Japan.


Decals by Colin 'Fenris' Muir.

"Bearcat Shark" emblem of GC 2/22 Languedoc, GATAC Nord, FAF, 1953

Play 5 battles, earning a score higher than 2,000 while flying  French aircraft or purchase for  200 Golden Eagles.

The War Thunder Team

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