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Dear players,

Another round of questions and answers, with War Thunder producer Vyacheslav Bulannikov!

Q. Do you plan to add a variety of goals to PvE tank battles? For example: instead of capturing points, destroying pillboxes, bunkers etc. (or repairing them, as an option).

A. We believe that goals and tasks like these are more suited for asymmetric battle types, for example this is possible in World War missions.

Q. Will those that have bought the Leoncello P40 get access to testing Italian ground vehicles when they’re released?

A: Yes.

Q. Why do some vehicles’ ATGMs explode when they’re hit, for example the AMX13 SS11, while for others they don’t, for example the IT-1 and RakJpz2?

A. The missile explosion is currently fatal for those vehicles whose armour cannot protect against the HE-fragmentation action of detonated missiles.

Q. In tank AB, when there is one crew member left, he gets in the driver’s seat expecting a replenishment and continues to do nothing. Can you include a settings option to make this tanker sit in the gunner’s seat?

A. We’ll consider this option, thanks.

Q. Could you make it so that on capture points, tank anti-air gun ammunition is restocked?

A. This may be possible.

Q. After one update, the German branch had a whole three Focke-Wulf 190А-5s. Which differ in pretty small ways, making them less unique. Is there a possibility (through remodeling the Focke for example), to “assemble” the 3 Fw190A5 modifications into one (providing the ability to remove machine guns / attach modules), and replace the other 2 aircraft with the А-3/6/7/9 models, for example?

A. We have no such plans. If new versions of the A-5 are added, they might be combined into one package.

Q. The Bf 109k could historically be fitted with a bomb mounting for a 500 kg bomb. The Kurfürst could also carry two MK 108s inside the wings, and the MG 131 was replaced with the MG 151/15. Are such variations of the aircraft or modifications for the K4 possible?

Eg : link

A. We’re constantly adding new suspended weaponry and various modifications for offensive armament, the Bf 109 is no exception. The existence of the modifications you described on  these aircraft requires checking and verification, since in some cases (we’ve encountered this before) suggestions about introducing Bf 109 modifications were based on unverified and non authentic sources.

Q. Do you plan to add the Polikarpov TIS (MA) aircraft?

A.Not in the near future, but the USSR had many interesting aircraft that we may well add at some point. One of those unusual aircraft is the new Tandem MAI.

Q. Do you plan to add simple radar simulation for night fighters?

A. We haven’t made that decision yet. We’re working on a system of sensors (you’ve seen something from this system in the April 1 event), but it’s quite a difficult task, so we can’t yet say what this will look like and whether it will be on these aircraft or not.

Q. Which technical characteristics are balance values for aircraft, tanks and vessels? For tanks, everyone knows: it’s reloading. Are there other balance parameters for vehicles?

A. These are mostly economic parameters that determine the cost of repairs and ammunition, along with the presence or absence of specific types of ammunition in the ammo racks and their allowed amount.

Q. A question about modules. From time to time, new modules are added to or removed from some vehicles. These then have to be researched or bought again. In addition, the vehicle loses its “peak.” Do you plan to add some sort of recalculation of RP for modules? The question is relevant for example for the M 24 “spaded” tanks, which have been reset 5 times already.

A. “Spaded” actually provides no benefit in gameplay terms, so we don’t count it as a significant loss. Especially considering that adding new modules tends to make the vehicle stronger. As for replacing a module, we try to either replace it automatically or provide another means to unlock it as quickly as possible.

Q. Do you plan to add the ability to utilise user-made content (live camouflages, sights) on the PlayStation? I’m particularly interested in tank sights. For some vehicles, they provide an advantage in SB (experience is good, but this “quality of life” change wouldn’t hurt).

A. Unfortunately, we have no plans for this.

Q. In patch 1.77, you added various weather conditions, but it’s always daytime in battle, very rarely dawn or dusk! Where are the rains and mists? Like in the last version, night maps happen very rarely! The only way to check out the weather conditions is with a test drive.

A. They’re in the game with the probability of happening that we consider sufficient. After 1.77, we increased the probability of various types of weather occurring in random battles.

Q. Will you add a function for enabling/disabling different types of weaponry? In particular: offensive armament on aircraft, multi-turret tanks or tanks with 2 guns, and vessels. I’ll use aircraft as an example: I’d like to have the ability to disable the high caliber and just use the machine guns, and vice versa – disable the machine guns and work with only one large-caliber gun, but at the same time the firing itself should be on the same old button (for example: left click).

A. Not at the moment for tanks and planes, but it's possible to fire specific weapons (eg : only secondary gun, only machine-gun and so on) if you assign the keys. It's possible to switch to specific guns in naval battles.

You can ask your question to the developers on our official forum in the "Questions to the Team" section.

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