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“Friday the 13th: Chainsaw Massacre”
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From 13:00 GMT on the 13th of April till 13:00 GMT on the 16th of April

Wroom..Wrooom!- in an abandoned forest hut an ominous stranger starts his chainsaw. Once again, it is Friday the 13th and a new killer has appeared in War Thunder!

Only for this weekend can you be a real nightmare for your opponents! Complete the tasks in the event and get the “Friday 13th” trophy which contains unique items and special boosters, “Chainsaw” or “Slasher’s Mask” decoration,  “Chainsaw Massacre” or “Bloody Friday” decal and the “Chainsaw Killer” title.

To complete the special tasks you need to purchase “access to tasks” achievement for 13,000 SL in the achievement section.

Make a series of three kills in one battle whilst controlling ground vehicles or aircraft of rank III or higher a specified number of times and get prizes for each level of achievement

Level I

3 from 13 achievements

+113% RP or SL booster for one battle

Level II

9 from 13 achievements

Decal: “Chainsaw Massacre” or “Bloody Friday”

Level III

All 13 achievements

Decoration: "Chainsaw" or “Slasher’s Mask” and the title “Chainsaw Killer”!

Players who complete all 13 achievements will receive the “Chainsaw Killer” title!

Additionally, within this time limit, you can also purchase the previous and the current Friday the 13th event items in the “Friday 13th” trophy!


  • Completing the “Chainsaw Massacre” achievement is only possible after purchasing the achievement “Access to tasks” (play one battle or re-login after purchase).
  • Each completed level of the “Chainsaw Massacre” achievement  will only give one of the specified types of prize for that level. You can purchase the other item in the shop.
  • You can purchase the decals and decorations in “The Friday 13th Trophy” in the item shop without performing the tasks in the event. These trophies contain all decals and 3d decorations from current and previous events - one trophy contains one item at a time.
  • Tasks must be complete in vehicles of rank 3 or higher.
  • You can follow your progress by clicking on the nickname -> Achievements -> Friday 13th.

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