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RAF 100 - Royal Air Force Centenary

On April the 1st, 1918, the Royal Air Force of Great Britain was created which later became one of the most powerful aircraft branches in the world. Great Britain, thanks to the prowess of its members, stood defiant during the Second World War. This week, the Royal Air Force is 100 years old.


On the 1st of April 2018, the Royal Air Force will reach a huge milestone in aviation history. The RAF will celebrate its centenary year as legendary aircraft from the first world war era Sopwith Camel, to the Iconic Supermarine Spitfire, through the dazzling Hawker Hunter all the way up to the awesome power of the current Eurofighter Typhoon mark 100 years of continuous all year round operation of one of the most famous air forces in the world.

The RAF saw its creation in the dark days of World War I, when on April 1st 1918, the Royal Flying Corps (RFC) and Royal Navy Air Service (RNAS) were amalgamated into the Royal Air Force, forming the basis of what we all know today. Of course later, the Fleet Air Arm would eventually be formed separate out from the RAF, taking naval aviation under the control of the Royal Navy for carrier and maritime operations.

In the skies of War Thunder, the British have been present in battle since the very beginning. Ranging from the vulnerable Fury and Gladiators of the first rank, through the Iconic Hurricanes and reliable Wellingtons of the second rank, to the more powerful Typhoons and Iconic Spitfires of the third rank and into the mighty Lancasters, Tempests and Mosquitoes of the fourth rank. Originally, the Gloster Meteors saw Britain into the top ranks, but since then, they have been bolstered by additional support from the Canberra bombers and the Hawker Hunter, a true top star of the British tree. We have also seen the arrival of the Griffon Spitfires into rank IV as well as many other British classics across the ranks, such as the Sunderland, Halifax, Stirling, Venom, Hampden and the Lincoln.

Just as her majesty’s RAF continues to defend the skies above Great Britain in the 21st century and beyond, so too will they act as the majestic knights of the sky in War Thunder!

"Royal Tournament"

From 12:00 GMT on the 6th of April until 09:00 GMT on the 9th of April

We invite you to participate as a pilot of the Royal Air Force in the "Royal Tournament" where the format will be “everyone for themselves” using Spitfire fighter aircraft in all game modes.


Win and get the “RAF Centenary” decal (author: Colin 'Fenris' Muir) and the main prize - a coupon for the premium Spitfire F. Mk IXc (rank III).

The pilot who scores the first 5 shoot downs of the enemy will win. You can setup your own Spitfires in advance or use the presets of unmodified Spitfires with  novice crews available to players for participation.


Tournament aircraft: Spitfire Mk.IIb, Spitfire Mk.Vb, Spitfire F.Mk.IX and Spitfire LF.Mk.IX. It's up to you what order you use them in.

Awards and terms:

  • For one victory in any tournament game mode you will receive the “RAF Centenary” decal. Decal by Colin 'Fenris' Muir.
  • For each victory in any tournament game mode you will receive 50,000 Silver Lions.
  • For the indicated number of wins in one of the available modes you will receive a coupon for a Spitfire F. Mk IXc.

Аrcade Battles

  • Players in the battle: 5
  • Respawns: 4
  • Shoot downs
    for victory: 5
  • Wins for a coupon: 12

Realistic Battles

  • Players in the battle: 5
  • Respawns: 4
  • Shoot downs
    for victory: 5
  • Wins for a coupon: 9

Simulator Battles

  • Players in the battle: 4
  • Respawns: 4
  • Shoot downs
    for victory: 5
  • Wins for a coupon: 6

  • A coupon for the Spitfire F. Mk IXc can be received only once.
  • You can sell the coupon for the Spitfire F. Mk IXc On the War Thunder Market.
  • To take part it is required that a ticket is purchased for 50,000 Silver Lions from the in-game item shop for each game mode that you wish to participate in.
  • You will not be able to play more than 60 battles in each game mode in the “The Royal Tournament”.
  • For participation you need to research and purchase at least one of the tournament aircraft.
  • Each pilot who clicks on the “Participate” button will bring in a prize fund 10.000 Silver Lions.
  • Victories in multiple game modes will not be counted towards the total. We recommend choosing a single game mode for participation.

Bundle with 30% discount and vehicles for golden eagles

From 12:00 GMT on the 6th of April till 09:00 GMT on the 9th of April

Bundle “His Majesty's Finest”
Bundle “Her Majesty's Finest”
The Kit Includes:
  • Prendergast's Spitfire FR Mk.XIVe pack
  • Wyvern pack
  • M.B.5 pack
  • Title “His Majesty's Finest”


Plagis' Spitfire LF. Mk IXc and the Typhoon Mk.Ib
Plagis' Spitfire LF. Mk IXc and the Typhoon Mk.Ib
Especially for the Royal Air Force anniversary this week, the Plagis' Spitfire LF. Mk IXc and the Typhoon Mk.Ib (previously only available in packs in the Gaijin Store) will be available for Golden Eagles.

Please note! You can also receive the unique title if, between the 6th and 9th of April you login to the game, win at least one battle, whilst having previously acquired all the individual packs with the vehicles included in the event pack (you have to have purchased all 3 packs from the bundle “His Majesty's Finest”). The title will be given to players who have fulfilled these conditions after April 9th.

PS4 players will be able to receive the “His Majesty's Finest” title by simultaneously purchasing the “Plagis' Spitfire LF. Mk IXc” and the “Typhoon Mk.Ib” packs for Golden Eagles (you need to purchase both of them). Alternatively, players can already have both of these vehicles, or purchase the missing one during the event. In this case, you will just need to re-login to the game to see the title.

Happy Birthday to the RAF!

The War Thunder Team

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