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Winter is over, welcome to Spring!

Dear ladies, we congratulate you on this beautiful spring holiday! We wish that the festive mood will be enough for a whole year for you. All the best, success, happiness and health! Thank you for making our life better and enhancing our lives with your beauty, devotion and care!

From March 8th 09:00 GMT to March 12th 07:00 GMT

Play 3 battles with an activity of 60% or more and receive one of these decals


“White lily of Stalingrad
“White lily of Stalingrad" "Personal insignia of Lt Lydia Litvyak, the most effective female fighter pilot of WWII.".
"Swallow"" painted on the side of Pe-2 n.89 of 125 GvBAP flown by Ekaterina Fedotova".


Gain 3 victories with an activity of 60% or more and receive one of the following player avatars:





Attention! Achievements will be counted on every vehicle of rank III and higher with a battle activity of 60% or more!

You can follow your progress in Profile ► Achievements ► March 8th

You can find the decals in Customization ► Decals ► USSR.

The War Thunder Team

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