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Festive events!

New Year Celebration!

From the 1st of January 07:00 GMT until the 8th of January at 07:00 GMT

Presents, prizes and discounts - it’s all wonderful, but sometimes you just want to have some fun. That’s why we have prepared two holiday fun events for you:

«Chasing Christmas»


Try capturing the enemy Christmas tree while keeping yours safe, or at least be the first to bring the other team’s tree home!


«Festive delivery»

Two teams of Christmas elves are helping Santa to gather presents. The team that collects the most presents wins.

Vehicles of BRs 4.7-6.7 can participate, you will be matched according to the vehicle with the highest BR. 7 respawns are available.

Decal «2018 - the Year of the Dog»

Decal «2018 - the Year of the Dog»

Receive a decal for 1 victory in this event!

Happy New Year with War Thunder!

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