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What a year 2017 has been, Italian and French aircraft, Rank VI, ERA/composite ground vehicles, a radical redirection with destroyers in Naval combat, smoke screens, the beginning of world war mode testing. Though this year isn't quite over yet, we look forward to moving into another battle filled year, full of content and additions.  

It is a time to put on a silly hat, whistle Christmas carols, fill your table with a glorious seasonal feast and share some love with your family, Here at War Thunder, we send you our best wishes and love, you are the players that have kept us going, kept us on our toes and we are sure you will keep us going through 2018 and beyond.

Raise your glasses, give a cheer, here’s to everyone, may you and yours be safe, happy and  fulfilled. Now dive into our Festive Quest and get some rare prizes.

Merry Christmas and a very happy New Year with all our best to you for 2018!

The presents have arrived. Check out your hangar.

From December 22nd, 15:00 GMT to December 25th, 07:00 GMT just win a couple of battles using any vehicle of rank III or higher* with at least 60% activity.

*You need to end a battle in a vehile of rank 3-5 of a respective type (ground or air) in order for the achievement to be counted.

For a single victory in ground battles you will receive

A Premium H.39
A Premium H.39 "Cambronne" tank

For a single victory in air battles you will receive

Pallier’s  D.510
Pallier’s D.510

Achieve both vehicles upon the completion of both tasks or gain Golden Eagles if you already own them

Players who have previously received H.39 "Cambronne" and/or Pallier's D.510 by mistake for free will not be reimbursed with Golden Eagles.

The Festive Quest!

The Festive Quest is here and good old Santa and his reindeers have brought a huge stack of presents for you! Help Santa find you in the upcoming holiday nights by decorating and lightning the Christmas tree! Collect holiday lights and decorations alongside other War Thunder players!

In order to complete tasks in air SB, pilots will have additional events available.

AEC Mk.II (rank II) For 7  tanker’s Christmas toys
AEC Mk.II (Premium rank II)
For 7 tanker’s Christmas toys
 P-40C (rank II) For 7  pilot’s Christmas toys
P-40C (Premium rank II)
For 7 pilot’s Christmas toys
 Ersatz M10 (rank III) For 13  tanker’s Christmas toys
Ersatz M10 (Premium rank III)
For 13 tanker’s Christmas toys
 NC.900 (rank III) For 13  pilot’s Christmas toys
NC.900 (Premium rank III)
For 13 pilot’s Christmas toys

And a lot of other presents.

50% discount for everyone:

  • From December 22nd to December 28th - for talismans, backups, modifications and 90 or 365 days of the Premium account!
  • From December 22nd to December 24th - for German and USSR vehicles!
  • From December 24th to December 26th - for USA and British vehicles!
  • From December 26th to December 28th - for Italian and Japanese vehicles!


  • Discounts are updated at 11:00 GMT every day
  • All the discounts are effective for all  vehicles that  can be purchased with SL or GE, except for vehicles added in update 1.75 and the T114 (USA).

Gaijin store discounts (up to  50%)

From the 28th of December at 12:00 GMT until the 10th of January at 09:00 GMT

50% discount for special bundles containing unique decals and titles which will not be available after!

Check the details!

Christmas hangar and fun events!

Of course we’re preparing fun holiday special events for you right now. Stay tuned to get more details! 

Festive Quest - Check the Details

The War Thunder Team


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