French vehicles as Christmas presents!

From December 22nd, 15:00 GMT to December 25th, 07:00 GMT gain a few victories in vehicles of rank III or higher with at least 60% battle activity and receive special French premium vehicles.

  • For 1 victory in ground battles in vehicles of rank III or higher you will receive the  H.39 "Cambronne" premium tank.
  • For 1 victory in air battles in vehicles of rank III or higher you will receive Pallier's D.510 premium aircraft.

Grab both of them for the required amount of victories or gain Golden Eagles if you already own them!
Players who have previously received H.39 "Cambronne" and/or Pallier's D.510 by mistake for free will not be reimbursed with Golden Eagles.

Good luck in the New Year!

The War Thunder Team

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