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Spawn Points mode test for Simulator Battles

From 11th december 15:00 GMT

Ground vehicles SB with Spawn Points experimental mode test.

Thank you for participating in a test of an experimental mode in combined battles in Simulator Battles with spawn points. From the 11th of January the usual rotation of setups in the form of two parallel events - top rank vehicles and vehicles of rank I-IV according to the schedule will be available for players.

At the moment, we will analyze the statistics and examine your suggestions on the forum and will soon settle on a format for combined Simulator Battles. Follow the news!

Thank you in advance for your interest and feedback on the official forum.

With this experimental mode we will also make the usual SB events available. Specific events for the top vehicles are temporarily switched off., however they can be accessed in both modes.The line-up changes are the same:  1_1, 5_1, 2_1, 9_1, 3_1, 6_1, 4_1, 8_2, 5_1, 10_2. You may try both variants without changing your preferable vehicles. 

We plan to do several full rotations to gather your feedback and obtain some statistical data, this is why the closing date will remain open ended.

Experimental mode features:

  • Allies have markers on the minimap
  • A player will have a total of 3 respawns - up to 3 respawns in aircraft or ground vehicles, but not more than 3 overall
  • At the beginning of each battle a player has 1000 Spawn Points which he may spend as he wants
  • You can not gain any Spawn Points in battle
  • Every vehicle type has it own SP requirement
    • Heavy tank — 450 SP
    • Medium and light tanks— 300 SP
    • SPG — 300 SP
    • SPAA — 250 SP
    • Bomber— 450 SP
    • Attacker — 450 SP
    • Fighter— 300 SP
    • Fighter with secondary weapons (bombs/rockets)— 450 SP
  • Respawn limits for specific vehicles will remain. Thus, a player may spawn a heavy tank only once, so if you want to respawn in a heavy, you should have it placed in another crew slot in a hangar.

SP requirements may be changed during the test, the test may also be stopped if any major bugs occur.

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