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Preliminary research and purchase changes for ground vehicles rank 3-5
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Research and purchase requirements reduced for rank 3-5 ground vehicles

As we promised previously, we are reducing the RP requirements as well as the prices in SL for vehicles, modifications, repairs and ammo in ground vehicles of ranks 3-5!

As we introduced rank 6 armoured vehicles, we had to rework research progress for the earlier ranks. Initially War Thunder was originally planned to have only 5 ranks, so research progress and game economy was designed in such a way that players would not reach top tier machines too quickly, so that they would understand all the mechanics of battle and unlock rank 5 as an experienced commander. But additionally, the progress shouldn’t take too long either - otherwise the game would be boring. 

After the introduction of rank 6 we had to rework the existing system. Firstly we made progress from rank 5 to 6 smoother in terms of RP and SL requirements than from rank 4 to 5. As for the earlier ranks - it took a lot of work to make the whole progress balanced and we are now happy to announce that the changes will be implemented in one of the nearest updates.

These changes actually mean that:

  • RP requirements for vehicle and modification research will be reduced
  • SL requirements for vehicle and modification purchase will be reduced
  • Repair costs will be reduced
  • Ammunition cost will be reduced
  • Crew training will be reduced
  • Expert and ace crew qualification will be reduced

Besides this we are bringing back the requirement to own the Sturer Emil in order to purchase  the Jpz 4-5 and also the requirement to own the Jpz 4-5  to purchase RakJPz 2. These requirements were temporarily removed when the Jpz 4-5 was moved to the lightly armoured TDs branch. 

The list of rank changes from 5 to 6 are available here

Research points requirements and prices changes

Preliminary research and purchase changes for ground vehicles rank 3-5

When the economy update is released the mentioned changes will affect the majority of rank 3-5 ground vehicles in all nations. 

All of the above mentioned changes will come into effect in one of the following updates but the exact date may still change, follow the news!

The list of BR changes for aircraft are available here

Have fun and see you on the battlefield!


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