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The authors of user content don’t care what the weather is outside and even what month it is. But we we care about it! Because every month, WT Live is quite rich for new content. This time we have selected the most interesting for you as usual and will start with the coolest novelties.

When we share interesting missions with you, you can easily create them in custom battles and  invite friends to them! Any War Thunder player that has purchased any item over $10 from the in-game shop automatically gets access to run multiplayer missions  in custom battles! These missions will be marked with “MP” on War Thunder LIVE and the instructions on how to launch them is under the download button.

We welcome newcomers! Don’t be afraid to share your content on War Thunder LIVE!


— Sights can be edited?

— Now, yes!

Not so long ago, we created an impressive feature that allows players to use their capabilities in the creation of custom sighting reticles for ground vehicles. This means that the entire functionality of the sights will exactly match the flight of the shell (or vice versa). For sure it is not possible to simply create them in Paint, but we have already created step by step instructions on how you can do it.

User-made sighting reticles on War Thunder Wiki

Just take a look what kind of shiny wonderful things can be easily installed on your vehicle (thanks to the authors!).


Collection of the sights for German vehicles from RideR2



Even some for Katyusha! Thanks for this Schindibee!



Some futuristic sights from ClonycommanderDownload

Read how to install custom sight on your vehicle in the Wiki article.

Take a look at all the sights on War Thunder LIVE


Can’t score a hit? More practice is the answer! | RideR2​

This time, it’s time to pay attention to rockets and bomb weaponry. Especially recently, in order to effectively work with rockets you first need to learn how to accurately get them to the enemy. At your disposal are various targets: from ground targets to ships.

Download mission

Did you like it? Check the mission section on LIVE! 


There were surprises as well. After all, we did create the opportunity to create a camouflage for ground vehicles with a fixed layer. You can read more about it in our Wiki article!

Look at this beauties from RaVicZ_ and JoKeR_BvB09. :)

Seriously, it is now possible to make a truly detailed camouflage for ground vehicles!

New camouflages on War Thunder LIVE

Try out the new mechanics, create your own artwork and share it with everyone. So that your favourite tank or aircraft will be even more awesome!

The War Thunder Team

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