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Another round of questions and answers, with War Thunder producer Vyacheslav Bulannikov!

KPz/MBT 70 ROF has been reduced recently, why?

— Answer: There were 2 planned loading mechanisms for these tanks - one German and one American.The German one was not completed for this project and the American design had a 6 shot per minute ROF - as it is in the game now. Since the German loading mechanism was later implemented on other tanks, we will probably introduce them in the future.

What’s about Navy, any news?

—  Answer: We are working hard on the Naval part of the game. The basic gameplay is completed, but we are polishing and adjusting it atm. We’re working on the research tree and crew skill by adding more content and vessels. As far as new maps - one will be shown in the nearest future, and we plan to make at least one other before the end of the year.

Researchable upgrades like the one on BMP-1P: will we see more such vehicles in the future? Is it possible that such modules will affect BR?  

— Answer: It is possible in the future. E.g. if we add reactive armor for T-64A it will become T-64AB. Dynamic BR - unlikely, as it’s a very complex task technically and will only make mechanics more complicated. 

What’s the top priority - Italian ground vehicles or French ones?

 — Answer: I will not answer that now, but there will be an announcement soon... follow the news!

Feedback about rank 6 - what’s the players reaction and your personal opinion?

— Answer: We like rank 6 a lot and we received a lot of positive feedback on it. There will definitely be more vehicles, we want more diversity in vehicles. We will probably add more advanced machines later, no ETA though.

Did you think about adding APS (active protection systems) as a feature for the USSR tanks? Specifically the T-55AD.

 — Answer: Yes, we thought about it but cannot tell whether we will implement it or not. Because gameplay-wise this feature does not involve players actions. However as a historical and technical feature it is, of course, very interesting.

Are custom sights playable in War Thunder?

 — Answer: Yes, since our mechanics use realistic ballistics, and if you make sights correctly, whatever you make will be maximally close to the real one. We recently added more options for sights - like sights with radial scales such as e.g. German.

Are you happy with French aircraft balance?

— Answer: It’s pretty hard to make accurate BRs for the whole research tree and all its aircraft. However, we follow the statistics closely and I would like to thank our testers (the players who play French aircraft at the moment and leave their feedback). I have only started flying French aircraft myself and I am on rank 1 atm. I personally enjoy D.501 and those 4-engined monster sized bombers.

French jet bomber  S.O.4050 Vautour IIA is very hard to take off even with rocket load - this is how its supposed to be?

— Answer: Yes, it’s a very heavy aircraft and requires long takeoff runway - that’s a real historically accurate problem. That is why it has the option of an air spawn on many maps. Also, we had to reduce its landing distance artificially. Otherwise it would always skid off the runway or we would have to rework all the airfields in the game.

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