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VICTORY Tournament series - celebrating War Thunder’s 5 year anniversary!

“VICTORY” Tournament series - celebrating War Thunder’s 5 year anniversary!

Pilots and tankers! Take part in the special “VICTORY” Tournament series during November 2017 on the tss.warthunder.com dedicated to 5 year anniversary of War Thunder and get a chance to win the very rare E-100 tank or the “Volksjäger” He 162 A1 “Salamander” or both!

Tournaments on the tss.warthunder.com portal will be in 1 vs 1 format for those who like to play solo and in 5 vs 5 for the players who prefer team play.

Number of participants in the 1 vs 1 air and tank tournaments is unlimited! Each 1 vs 1 tournament additionally has the prize pool of 19,500 Golden Eagles and unique titles - “1v1 Master-Duelist” for the air tournaments and “Superheavy” for the tank tournaments!

In order to win the He 162 A1 “Salamander” fighter, reach the first 8 places in one of the following 1x1 tournaments:

If you prefer the super heavy tank Е-100, get to the first 8 places in the tank 1x1 tournaments:


Players who prefer to play with their team in the 5 vs 5 tournaments can win both, the E-100 and the He 162 A1 “Salamander”, if their team reaches the first 8 places:


Number of teams in each of the 5 vs 5 tournaments is limited to 128.
Each 5 vs 5 tournament additionally has 119,000 Golden Eagles prize pool and a unique title for the first place - the “Golden Legion”!

You can take part in all of the tournaments without limitations.

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