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“VICTORY” Tournament series (Winners list!)

From 17:00 GMT on the 28th of October to 7:00 GMT on the 1st of November

“VICTORY” Tournament series - celebrating War Thunder’s 5 year anniversary!

03/11/2017 - Dear Players!

The winners received their prizes, you can check the results here!

The War Thunder Team

To participate you need to purchase a ticket which will give you access to 20 battles per day. Daily, from the 28th of October to the 1st of November, one ticket for each tournament will be available for purchase. Daily between 16:00 and 17:00 GMT old tickets will disappear and new tickets will be available in the item shop.

Winners rewards

According to the results on the rating table sheet, the prize vehicles will be received by:

  • The first 200 players in AB
  • The first 200 players in RB
  • The first 50 players in SB

Additionally, players for the winning team of each tournament match will receive 10,000 Silver Lions for each victory.

Choose your prize: The E-100 or the He 162 A1

Decide for yourself what kind of reward you will receive. We will take note of your choice and if you win, will give you the ground vehicle or aircraft depending on your personal choice. If you have not chosen but were one of the winners, so you will receive the E-100 or the He 162 A1 randomly. A survey is available only for tournament participants until the 1st of November.

Choose a vehicle

If you don’t win a vehicle this time around, don’t fret! After the completion of this tournament, there will be more tournaments, which allow you a chance to win other prizes and rare vehicles on tss.warthunder.com. Be sure to keep your eye on the news in the near future!

Terms and conditions:

  • Tournaments are available in AB and special RB and SB modes with markers in the “Events and Tournaments” tab. Lineups - 5 vs 5 players;
  • To participate in the tournament, you need to purchase the appropriate ticket for 20 battles priced at 50,000 Silver Lions;
  • You will only be able to purchase one ticket per day and will be restricted to a maximum of 20 battles (also per day);
  • Only 3 respawns are allowed;
  • It is forbidden to participate as a squad. In a battle, only one player from the same squadron can participate;
  • Players who change or leave their squadron after the tournament has started will be unable to participate for the rest of the tournament;
  • Missions [Domination] will take place in the following locations: Poland, Sinai, Berlin, Advance to the Rhine, Kuban and Karelia;
  • The battle duration is set to 15 minutes or 22,000 superiority points, whichever comes first;
  • Markers specifying allied and enemy vehicles have been activated in RB;
  • Markers specifying allied vehicles (only)  have been activated in SB
  • A survey for individual awarding of the winners will be available from 17:00 GMT on 28th of October to 7:00 GMT on 1st of November
  • Winner awards will be done on the 3rd of November. Results will be published in this news.
  • Requests for replacing prize vehicles with another one and or other compensation upon request of winners will be not accepted.

Additional Information

As you know, on October 29th at 19:18 GMT, the events of the VICTORY series of tournaments were suspended due to a detected ticket activation error. Because of the problem, 236 players used the rounds available to them before the time specified in the tickets. All remaining players were able to use the tickets to the full and continued the tournament until it was turned off.

We carefully analyzed the situation and have made changes in the mechanics of the tickets, so that this error would not happen again. Players whose tickets were expended as a result of the error were credited with trophies with individual tickets and the number of rounds that were required by the regulations (1 ticket per day for 20 fights).

The VICTORY series will be launched again tomorrow, October 31st at 07:00 GMT and finish at 07:00 GMT on November 1st. Please note! This is the final session of the tournament. The third ticket for tournaments will not be issued. The results of this series of VICTORY tournaments will be published in the news on November 3rd.

We are sorry for the confusion and disappointment the error created for our fans. As usual, we will endeavour to avoid any errors in the future with such a complex mechanism. 

The War Thunder Team

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