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Friday the 13th: True Slasher
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From October 13th, 13:00 GMT till October 16th 09:00 GMT.

Friday the 13th in War Thunder!

Friday the 13th. This day is veiled by dark prejudices and mysteries. Turn this day into a real nightmare for your enemies! Let them behold the True Slasher!

Hack and slash your opponents to get very special prizes! This and new frightening inventory will be available exclusively on all Friday the 13th’s. Don’t miss your only chance in 2017 to start your grim collection! 

To complete the special tasks you need to purchase access for 13 GE in the achievement section or for 130,000 SL in the item shop.

Then, make a series of three kills in one battle whilst controlling ground vehicles or aircraft of rank 3 or higher a specified number of times and get prizes for each level of achievement from the “Slasher’s Trophy”.

Level I

3 from 13 achievements

Level II

9 from 13 achievements

Level III

All 13 achievements

+113% RP for 1 battle
+113% SL for 1 battle
“Bloody Friday"
"Friday 13th"
"Slasher’s Mask" + title "Slasher"
"Slasher’s Hatchet" + title "Slasher"


  • Completing the achievement “Get prizes in The Slasher’s Trophy” is possible only after purchasing the achievement “Access to the tasks” (play one battle or relogin after purchase).
  • For each completed level of the achievement “Get prizes in The Slasher’s Trophy” you can get only one of the specified types of prize for the level. Other prizes you can purchase in the item shop.
  • You can purchase the decals and decorations from the “The Slasher’s Trophy” in the item shop without performing the tasks of the event.
  • Tasks must be complete in vehicles of rank 3 or higher.
  • You can follow your progress by clicking on the nickname -> Achievements -> Friday 13th.
How to find it in the game

The War Thunder Team

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