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6 October 2017

“Colosseum” Series of Tournaments - October 2017

Pilots and Tankers of War Thunder!

We invite you to play in the new “Colosseum” series of tournaments available on the TSS portal in October:

More information about tournaments:

“Steel Legion” in the Realistic Battles mode:

The popular vehicles of rank 3 and 4 played in 5 locations (“Poland”, “Kuban”, “Sinai”, “Advance on the Rhine” and “Berlin”) will be available for tankers that will battle in realistic mode. 

PARTICIPATE Prize fund: 65,000 “Steel Legion” decals, “Steel Legion 4x4” title

“Gladiators 2x2” in the Arcade Battles mode:

Use the powerful weapons, speed and maneuverability of your aircraft to win - your team will be flying in the excellent Yak-3 Soviet fighter. 

PARTICIPATE Prize fund: 39,000 “Gladiators” decals, “Gladiators 2x2” title

“Steel Legion 2x2” in the Simulator Battles mode:

Thick armour and powerful guns will be at your disposal - prove your superiority commanding mighty rank 4 tanks!

PARTICIPATE Prize fund: 39,000 ,  “Steel Legion” decals, “Steel Legion” title

“ENYOPROXY Cup 7x7” in the Realistic Battles mode:

Team ENYOPROXY invites you to take part in a combined 7 vs 7 tournament - test their favourite vehicles in battles across eight game locations.

PARTICIPATE Prize fund: 132,000 “Fire Front” decals, “Golden Legion” title

You can check and register to all tournaments on our portal

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