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From October 6th 15:00 GMT to October 9th 07:00 GMT

 take part in the “Corsair battle” tournament  

We invite you to take part in a “free-for-all” mode tournament, this time you will be flying various modifications of the  F4U “Corsair”

All participants are your rivals, only the pilot who is first to destroy 8 enemies wins!  
You will receive a preset lineup with Corsairs - from the early versions up to the latest. It is up to you in what order you use them though.

Available aircraft will be:  F4U-1a, F4U-1a USMC, F4U-1d, F4U-1c and the new F4U-4 and F4U-4B we recently told you about in our Devblog


  • Every victory brings 120,000  Silver Lions to a winner
  • The top 10 players in the RB and AB leaderboards will receive a premium  F4U-1a (Japan)
  • Players from 11th to 50th place will receive a 50% discount for the premium F4U-1a (Japan) but if these players already own a non premium F4U-4 or F4U-4B they will instead receive a 75% discount.


  • You must have at least one of the participating aircraft purchased  
  • The event is held in a 8 vs 8 format in Arcade and Realistic battles (you can not earn SL or RP in these battles)
  • Every pilot gives 15,000Silver Lions when he joins the event
  • The winners will be announced after 11:00 GMT on October 9th
  • If a player hits the top 10 of the leaderboard and he already owns the F4U-1a (Japan) they  will receive 1150 Golden Eagles

Prizes for the winners will be provided on the 10th of October.

The War Thunder Team

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