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“LIVE” continues to enthrall us! Summer is over but its echoes still reach us, for example in the form of the creations of our players. We have once again selected some of the more interesting things on War Thunder LIVE.


  When we share interesting missions with you, you can easily create them in custom battles and  invite friends to them! Any War Thunder player that has purchased any item over $10 from the in-game shop automatically gets access to run multiplayer missions  in custom battles! These missions will be marked with “MP” on War Thunder LIVE and the instructions on how to launch them is under the download button.  

We welcome newcomers! Don’t be afraid to share your content on War Thunder LIVE!


Multiplayer BattleAuthor: RCAProduction

With plenty of areas, this mission is very well designed. A very simple task - capture the enemy point which is nearest to the initial respawn area. Points in the centre you can capture and use as additional respawn points. Highly interesting!


… and like it for sure!

Air races “ISLAND SPRINT” | Author: Kruggly

Everybody loves air races! Who doesn’t love them hasn't participated in them. This is a very challenging air race that will have you coming back for more.


… and like it for sure!


We regularly inform you about cool missions, camouflages, locations etc our players can do (sure, it’s about you!) while missing perhaps the highest detail level. Some high quality models - the results of players’ work, many of you are already using in the game! We already added several custom vehicle models to the game under the Revenue Share program and their authors have received considerable income.

Аuthor: _Beckett


…try this one out! We can not single out one author while ignoring others. But which of them are better is up to you, because, among other things, it is your support on LIVE that influences the chance of adding vehicles created by fan authors into the game. :)

Models are available only for authorized (logged-in) users!


We finish our selection on this occasion with  a smooth transition from summer to autumn. Several examples of great camouflages for ground vehicles and aircraft. Without further ado, just choose and use them.

T-62 from __Yugoslav_Ace__​   P-50d-20 from ifakegenius
Download   Download
T-44-100 from WTrunner   Flak 37 from Sven316
Download   Download

All the best in the battlefields of War Thunder, fighter-daredevils!

The War Thunder Team

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