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Updated Battle Tasks
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In the new War Thunder major update 1.71 you will see updated Battle Tasks. We have increased Warbonds rewards and added new features that will make Battle tasks more interesting whilst the mechanics remain the same. 

Updated Battle Tasks

Updated Battle Tasks with an overhaul of the current version of Battle Tasks. We have increased the rewards and added new features that are designed to make Battle Tasks more interesting and attractive to players while preserving the existing mechanics.

Fireproof War Bonds

In the updated version of Battle Tasks, players don’t have to worry about the disappearance of their War Bonds at the end of the month – they no longer have a time limit. Now you can start earning bonds in the current month and spend them during the following month.

War Bonds Shop Progress

One of the main changes to the updated Battle Tasks is progress in the personal shop interface. Now, successfully completing Battle Tasks allows the player to not only earn War Bonds, but to also upgrade the shop itself by increasing its level. New goods and a special gift will be unlocked every time the player increases the shop level.

Special Tasks

Difficult Battle Tasks have been replaced with a new type – Special Tasks. By successfully completing these, the player will earn medals that unlock access to premium goods and a valuable reward. Special Tasks do not have a time limit and more than one can be completed per day.

Special Tasks can be found in a separate tab in the Battle Tasks window and you can unlock them by spending a few bonds in the shop.

New Battle Tasks

In honour of the update, we have added several new Battle Tasks for all modes and difficulties:

  • Activist – achieve victory in a mission by earning the required activity percentage (all modes).
  • Grand-Scale Game – destroy bases belonging to the enemy team to win (aviation AB and RB).
  • Bird Hunt – destroy enemy aircraft in tank battles (tank AB and RB).

New Goods

In addition to Special Tasks, another new item will also appear in the shop – the universal backup vehicle. The player can activate this item to backup any one vehicle of their choice.

The War Thunder Team

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