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It's time for another round of Questions and Answers!

Ground Forces


You have chosen not to implement dynamic weather change. So here’s the question: will we be able to see rain in ground (combined) battles? I recall having rain in ground battles 1 or 2 times in all the time I’ve been playing WT. In air battles one may see rain quite often but in tank battles all we see is snow - not enough weather diversity.

The chance of rainy weather in tank battle is very low since the visibility is really bad and it’s uncomfortable for players. It also makes aircraft almost useless in such battles.


SB question: do you plan to change line-ups in order to make them more historically accurate?

SB line-ups are kind of controversial -  we want to use the maximum number of vehicles, maintain balance, and, if possible use vehicles that could actually meet each other in real life. This is how current line-ups are formed.

    Currently destroyed tank tracks bring a moving vehicle to a halt as if braking, however track wheels have no brakes and a vehicle should keep moving a little further and turn a bit. Since wheels have no brakes a tank should still be able to move around the destroyed tracks in a circular fashion. Will you implement anything like that?

Tank movement with destroyed tracks depends on several factors - especially on the terrain parameters and suspension wheel diameter, transmission type is also important. A combination of these factors may lead to various results. E.g. smaller suspension wheels and soft ground will lead to a turn around the damaged track. Wide suspension wheels and rough terrain will lead to a movement within a small radius. Also we should remember that tracks could be completely jammed after they had been shot at - this is what we have in game and that’s how it would look - immediate braking and turning round the damaged track. We will think about a more detailed implementation of track damage and tank movement, but there is no ETA at the moment.


Will you improve rangefinder performance? At the moment it works only with fairly short distances?

Currently rangefinder works at a distance of 2000 m. And yes, we plan to increase it.


Since you added ammo with radio fuses for destroyers, can we expect something like that for the ground AA? K-29, 8.8 cm for example?

Yes, we plan to introduce distance fuses for ground based AA as well.



Will you add 1800 kg bombs to German aircraft that were equipped to carry them?

It depends on how it will affect its flight characteristics - e.g. will it be able to take-off from airfields that we have in game.


Do you plan to introduce new aircraft from 1936-1939, especially bombers?  I really enjoy the Hampden and it would be nice to see the Ju-52, Fairey Battle, Armstrong Whitley or Whitworth etc.

Yes we plan to add some late 30’s aircraft.


Will you add strategic bomber prototypes for the German tree? Ju-89, D0-19, Me-264, Ju-390 etc.?

We have similar aircraft in our general plan.


Do you plan to implement wind generated movement for the “lighter” objects? What about movement of shadows from clouds?

Trees already move and cloud shadows move if the clouds move.

The War Thunder Team

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