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We continue to compile the most interesting missions, camouflages, screenshots and in general any content created by our players. This part is dedicated to the creations from July! 


If you ever thought of becoming a virtual pilot - here’s a good starting point! Three points actually. RideR2 has created some nice training missions for Simulator mode. Enjoy!

RiderR2 | Simulator Battles Practice Missions


In this mission you have to help allies at the points indicated on the map. A huge location will give freedom of movement and an advantage against obsolete tanks. Also the objectives can be played in any order.

Cpt_Canistra | Abandoned in the Desert



“Girls und panzers” seems to be really popular on Live, it’s really hard to miss it, so we decided to choose some thematic camos for you:

Anshrew and his M4A1   ANChyoBi and his Leopard A1A1
Illusionyary and his Matilda Mk II   Sr_Bobby and his Jagdpanther

There are plenty of them. Check this tag!


The place where you begin your day in War Thunder and where you end it. You want to change it to something else? Easy! Here’s the instructions  and here’s an awesome, post-apocalyptic hangar based on the “Fallout” universe by KPOPHUNGARY!



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