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Screenshot competition: The Inevitability winners
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“Nothing can go wrong” - that’s what you're thinking when a 500kg bomb is not falling on your head, then you look up and sure enough, there’s a 500kg bomb dropping towards you - What happens next is “Inevitable”. Your goal in this competition was show that moment, just before the scenario plays out, that same couple of seconds just before a collision between two aircraft in the sky.

You can find the original announcement here!

KocykZniszczenia RaptorFlanker Nomadic_Warrior
1st place: 5.000 Golden Eagles 2nd place: 4.000 Golden Eagles 3rd place: 3.000 Golden Eagles

AxelEurope Northman505 HJohn
4th place: 2.000 Golden Eagles 5th place: 1.000 Golden Eagles 6th place: 500 Golden Eagles

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