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Screenshot competition: The Inevitability!
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“Nothing can go wrong” - that’s what you're thinking when a 500kg bomb is not falling on your head, then you look up and sure enough, there’s a 500kg bomb dropping towards you - What happens next is “Inevitable”. Your goal in this competition is show that moment, just before the scenario plays out, that same couple of seconds just before a collision between two aircraft in the sky.

Contest entries will be accepted on your Facebook page until 20:00 GMT on the 18th of June
Please make sure to add special #InevitabilityWT hashtag.

Don't forget to add your ingame nickname in the description!


Create a game screenshot of a desperate game situation!

The originality of the situation and the artistic components will be assessed. We will also take into account any imaginative composition of the events and also the quality of image.


1st place: 5.000 Golden Eagles
2nd place: 4.000 Golden Eagles
3rd place: 3.000 Golden Eagles
4th place: 2.000 Golden Eagles
5th place: 1.000 Golden Eagles

Also we will choose best creations and add them to the Screenshots section on the official web page with indication of your authorship.

Terms of participation and recommendations (spoiler):
  • Your creation should be created specifically for the competition.
  • The creations must be labeled with the hashtag #InevitabilityWT and can only be published on your personal FB pages. Don’t forget to write your in-game nickname (please mind that correct upper and lower letters are important) in the description and make sure your Facebook posts are visible publicly (you can set it up in your privacy settings).
  • The screenshot should be created with a deactivated interface (you can choose the button in the game control settings to hide the interface).
  • Screenshot should be created on high or maximum graphics settings with grass enabled.
  • We recommend you create a screenshot in replay mode. This will allow you to situate the camera in a good position and also make it possible to create a screenshot with a less powerful PC.
  • The use of NVIDIA Ansel is welcomed in creating screenshots and it is also possible to use the built-in Ansel effects.
  • Re-working the image in any graphics editing software is not permitted.
  • We only accept screenshots in 1280х720 or more pixel resolution.
  • Your work should not violate moral, ethical and legal norms, as well as the forum and Game rules and EULA.
  • Contest organizers reserve the right to change the terms of the competition at any time.
How NVIDIA Ansel works in the War Thunder (spoiler)

Check our video.

  • Be sure that your graphic card supports NVIDIA Ansel: list of supported graphic cards.
  • Install the latest drivers.
  • For more precise stepping of the effect settings, hold the CTRL button.

The War Thunder Team

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