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Make your vehicle more authentic!
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Make your vehicle more authentic! We introduce new decals regularly so you may unlock and/or purchase them. New decals will become available for unlocking and purchase for 2 weeks and after that time, they will be replaced with new ones. Players will retain the unlocked decals forever!
We have already added several new decals for you that are available until the 29th of June. You may find them in the customization menu, under “week’s latest” section. 
Follow the news and don’t miss out on some interesting decals.

Emblem of the 79th Armoured Division Emblem of 3rd tank corps Squadron Leader Pennant "Shamrock" emblem 244th Sentai Tail Marking
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200 GE.

Win 50 battles (25 for RB and SB) with 65% battle activity whilst controlling USSR ground vehicle or purchase with 200 GE.

Destroy 30 enemy controlled vehicles (15 for RB and SB) whilst flying Italian aircraft  of any rank.

Destroy 40 enemy controlled vehicles (20 for RB and SB)  whilst flying Japanese aircraft or purchase with 200 GE.

Win 10 battles (5 for RB and SB) with 60% battle activity whilst flying any of the following aircraft:

  • Ki-61-I hei
  • Ki-61-I ko
  • Ki-61-I otsu
  • Ki-61-Ib (USA)
  • Ki-61-I tei
  • Ki-61-II

Decals by Colin 'Fenris' Muir

  • The requirements for the decals may be checked by hovering your mouse over the decal in the customization menu.
  • In order to obtain a decal you should be using vehicles of ranks 2-5 in random battles and events.
  • They cannot be gained in Enduring Confrontation mode. 
Previous decals will be now moved to the following sections and will be available only for the players who have them unlocked/purchased:
  • Emblem "Elephant"  → USSR (Ground vehicles)
  • Emblem of Guards Armoured Division → Allies(Ground vehicles)
  • Group Captain Pennant → Allies (Ground vehicles)
  • "Red Wolf" emblem → Axis (Emblems)
  • "Black Wolf" emblem→ Axis (Emblems)

The War Thunder Team

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