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“Victory is ours” tournament series
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Dear friends!

Take part in our original tournaments on the TSS  portal, dedicated to Victory in Europe day, from the 1st until the 10th of May, 2017:

Tournament details:

“Armor of Victory 5х5” Tournament in the Arcade Battles mode:

In this team tournament you will have to work on a task that every army general had before him - effectively use available resources and strategically outplay your opponent on the field of battle. Your team will have a limited number of medium and heavy tanks and SPGs, so keep your vehicles safe and think about solid tactics!

Registration Prize fund: 119000 Golden Eagles, + "Steel Legion" decals + Title "Steel Legion"

“Birds of Prey 4x4” Tournament in the Realistic Battles mode:

Two armies are facing each other in Kursk! Your mission - save your army and destroy your opponent’s army. The attackers and bombers play a very important role, make sure to keep them safe and give them the opportunity to destroy as much enemy ground forces as possible. Each team will have a limited number of fighter, attacker and bomber aircraft.

Registration Prize fund: 102000 Golden Eagles, + "Gladiator" decals + Title "Gladiators 4x4

“Air Hunters 2x2” Tournament in the Simulator Battles mode:

Gain ultimate air supremacy - for the first time you can play in the new air team Deathmatch tournament. Destroy enemy fighters until their points run out or win by capturing the air zone by denying it to your opponents. The legendary Soviet fighter - the La-5FN will be at your service for the virtual duels.

Registration Prize fund: 51000 Golden Eagles, + "Gladiator" decals + Title "Gladiators 4x4

Play and win in the “Victory is ours” tournaments!

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