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Military Traffic Code Contest
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Every driver knows that red means stop, but what about you tankers and pilots – do you obey the traffic rules? The only thing we know for sure is this: whoever’s heaviest wins. Now it’s time for you to create your traffic rules, starting with signs! Contest!

Submissions will be accepted in a special forum thread until 20th of April

Attach your image in .png or .jpg format directly to the message in the special forum thread.

Contest objective

Create a road sign that would fit the game reality. Do it either in a graphics editor or by hand. You can make any kind of sign you want, the sky’s the limit! We hope to see submissions that make us laugh and that reference War Thunder vehicles and gameplay.


1st place - 5.000  Golden Eagles
2nd place - 4.500 Golden Eagles
3rd place - 4.000  Golden Eagles
4th place - 3.500  Golden Eagles
5th place - 3.000  Golden Eagles

Any submission may be added to the game as a decal at the discretion of the judging panel, giving the participant an additional 3,000​  Golden Eagles! The panel can award prizes of 500  Golden Eagles to an unlimited number of participants!

The winners will be selected based on the following criteria:

  • Name (description) – just as important as the sign itself! The name should indicate the intended purpose of the sign, if it’s not clear from the image alone. :)
  • Originality – in a choice between a modified real road sign and a wholly original one, we will choose the latter, but submissions that put a War Thunder spin on an existing sign also have a good chance of being selected.
  • Quality of execution – put time and effort into your design for best results. A high-quality and well-developed sign has greater chances of winning.
  • Simplicity of design – signs with lots small details won’t be enjoyable to look at. Make sure it’s easy to read!
  • Setting – how the sign is used in the game will have a big impact on its success. Place your sign in the perfect combat situation and increase your chances of winning!

Submission requirements

  • Your submission must be created specially for this contest.
  • The image resolution must be at least 600x600 pixels.
  • Submissions will be accepted in a special forum thread.
  • One submission can be replaced with another – the participant must send a message to the forum moderator requesting the deletion of the old submission.
  • Each participant can enter an unlimited number of submissions.
  • We may ask the winner to send us their submission in the original layered image format, so make sure you save it!
  • Adding a name and description to your submission message is welcome.
  • The submission must not violate moral, ethical, or legal norms as well as the Forum Rules, Game Rules, or User Agreement.
  • The winners will be decided by a panel of the War Thunder community team.
  • The Contest Organizers reserve the right to alter these Conditions at any time.
  • Any submission may be added to the game as a decal!


You can use these ready-made templates to bring your ideas to life, or create your own from scratch.

Right-click on the image and select “Save”​


We made a few signs for you. They appear exactly as seen in the game. :)

A unique aviation sign: “End climb, outer space ahead!” A modified existing tank sign: “Blind Allies :(”
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