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Leopard 2A5: Shield of the West
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The German Leopard 2A5 main battle tank -- the result of extensive modernization of the Leopard 2--is currently one of the best tanks in the Western Bloc.

A wide range of design measures meant to modernize the Leopard 2 tanks were implemented in three prototypes, given the designations IVT, KVT, and TVM. The testing of these prototypes in 1992 eventually produced the specification for the Leopard 2A5, which resulted in all early Leopard 2 tanks being converted to the new configuration. The most significant modifications were related to armor, improved aiming, and the addition of a gun stabilizer. Specifically, the vehicle received enhanced armor modules for the hull and turret, a sight with second-generation thermal imaging, and an electric stabilizer. A total of 350 tanks were updated to the Leopard 2A5 model.

In War Thunder, the Leopard 2A5 is Germany’s main battle tank at rank IX. It’s a mobile vehicle with an excellent gun stabilizer, allowing it to fire accurately even when traveling at high speeds. While the tank has no ATGMs, its armor-piercing shells are capable of penetrating almost any opponent of the same rank. Additionally, its side skirts effectively protect against HEAT rounds striking at an angle, as well as close-range blasts; expect  enemies to struggle when attempting to hit you in the middle and from long distances. Those who keep moving, create smokescreens, and leverage the awesome stabilizer-enhanced cannon, will quickly discover the Leopard 2A5’s strengths easily outweigh its weakness.


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