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GM-64: Rotary-Wing Chieftain
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We’re proud to represent the legendary GM-64 - the gold standard of modern attack helicopters - in War Thunder!

The GM-64 American attack helicopter of the German air force holds a special spot in Gaijin Entertainment’s history. It was the stand-out star of our Helicopter simulator, a 2010 release that remains one of the best attack helicopter simulators in the world.  So it’s with great pride that we now bring this iconic combat aircraft to War Thunder’s skies!

Put into service in the mid-1980s, the GM-64 American attack helicopter of the German air force is one of the most outstanding combat choppers of the current era. In War Thunder, the GM-64 will take its place at rank IX of the German helicopter tech tree. As dangerous to other helicopters as it is to tanks, the GM-64’s main weapons are guided air-to-surface missiles capable of destroying ground vehicles and small ships on impact.

The helicopter decimates ground targets with unguided missiles, which are supplemented by a 30mm automatic cannon with HEAT-fragmentation rounds. Take the GM-64 for a test flight and discover why it’s the pinnacle of War Thunder’s German rotary-wing aviation tech tree!

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