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Mi-35: the Russian Hind
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The Mi-35 helicopter closely resembles its predecessor, the legendary Mi-24. How much better is the Hind E? Find out in War Thunder!

The Russian Mi-35 multipurpose helicopter was the result of extensive modernization of the Mi-24 attack helicopters. Improvements to the good ol’ Mi-24 were designed to solve a number of issues, from enhancing its reliability and performance and expanding its latitudes to extending its flight time.

Russian engineers succeeded in creating an all-purpose attack helicopter that was not only suitable for deployment virtually anywhere on the planet, but was also capable of fulfilling a wide range of combat and transport functions. Interestingly, many of the Mi-35’s components are borrowed from the Mi-28 Night Hunter attack helicopter, which will also be flying War Thunder’s unfriendly skies.

The new and improved “Hind” will take its place at rank IX in the USSR/Russia multipurpose helicopter tech tree. While its new powertrain gives it a slightly higher speed than the Mi-24, it features fewer hard points for armament, which have been reduced from six to four. Players can choose a pair of unguided missile launchers and guided anti-tank missiles, an ideal combination for War Thunder’s mixed battles. The large-caliber machine gun in the nose of the early Mi-24s has been replaced by the menacing GSh-23 twin gun, complete with an ammo rack of 450 rounds. With these impressive flight and combat capabilities, the Mi-35 is a compelling alternative to modern attack helicopters such as the GM-64.

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