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Pilots and tankers, the first month of spring comes to an end. Let us have a look at some of the most interesting user content on War Thunder Live.

[PvP-mission] Attack on Pearl Harbor

Famous historical event on the 7th of December, 1941 has been introduced by our player aizenns, which is offers any participants historical aircraft setups and 6 tasks for each side.

The Imperial Navy of Japan attacked Pearl Harbor. The US Navy had already lost 4 battleships. The US forces are preparing to intercept the second wave of Japanese aircraft, that are fast approaching the island of Oahu.

Great work aizenns! We are impressed with the size of the mission!

Download from WT LIVE

[PvP-mission] Capture the flag

A new mission created by RideR2 in the “Poland” location - is a classic “capture the flag” scenario in which you need to capture the enemy flag and deliver it to own base using supporting fire from your team mates.
Be sure to read the rules on the mission page and find victory in the new mission. Download from WT LIVE


[PvE-mission] Capture of the Peleliu airfield

Massacre - it's always interesting, and for sure if it has a plot. In this mission created by knyaz_rus you need to assume the role of commander and break the enemy’s key objectives of its capture.
It is recommended that you complete this mission in Realistic Battles and are advised that you read the rules created by author. Download from WT LIVE


User-created camouflages

Grumman F9F-8/QF-9J Cougar, Author PROx P51D Mustang, Author JeNeDiraiRien

Don't forget about superb screenshots created by our users!

Author bomberpilot1784 Author djandDK

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