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The Westland Wyvern turboprop aircraft is already in the game, and we haven’t ruled out adding other vehicles with a similar powertrain.
This is valuable information. I agree that this is an issue. It should be added to the card.
We’re working on it. Keep an eye on our news.
This isn’t going to happen in the near future. But the B-45 is an interesting aircraft, and I won’t exclude the possibility of it appearing in the game, not least because it has a defensive turret, which the B-57 lacks.

Ground Forces

Tread durability in the game is based on 1 or maximum 2 hits by shells from a tank of the same tier. Could you provide an example of tracks surviving more hits than this without consequences?
We regularly add modifications for a single tank in the same era with similar BR when there isn’t a comparable vehicle of another model in terms of battle characteristics. In this case, there is no need for another modification of the T-62, but we do have the T-55 in the pipeline, which is equipped with a stabilizer. 
Yes, we plan to add anti-aircraft machine guns for these mounts, based on these same considerations.
We haven’t ruled it out. The problem with this type of armor is that it’s not entirely clear how distinct the modifiers would need to be for different countries and tanks, since this armor was used in various countries.


Aircraft carrier dimensions in the game are correct for the condition depicted (year of modernization). I checked the Akagi’s dimensions, and they are correct: 250m long and 31m wide.
Photos and Screenshots

Victory marks are already present in the form of iron crosses, stars, etc. They are clear and versatile in terms of placement, so we have no plans to add barrel rings or “bars” to the game.
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