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Hi all! Here goes the digest from War Thunder Live portal: the content is created by our players.

Mission: Exploring Britain

A massive mission created by Cpt_Canistra! This will give you the opportunity to explore Britain whilst cruising in your tank - but you might find such a journey will take you a few days! 

Great work Cpt_Canistra!
 We are impressed with the size of the mission!

Download from WT LIVE

Mission: Still waters

Infiltrate the well-guarded enemy airfield by flying closely to the riverbed, and destroy the transport aircraft carrying supplies. For this task, you will be sent in as a squad alongside 3 other players. Victory will be awarded for the destruction of the transport aircraft.
Exciting mission for 4 players! Grab your friends and try it out! Download from WT LIVE


Mission: Big Foot experiment

Thick armour? Big guns? High fire-rate? Who needs them when you got BIG WHEELS?! Mission created by NovA29R will change War Thunder into a “Big Foot” game - a monstrous car with enormous wheels. Try it yourself!
Wheel Thunder?! What a surprise from NovA29R Download from WT LIVE

User-created camouflages

F8F-1B, Author Anown Type-61, Author _IronSun_ B7A2, Author Kurumi_TH

Don't forget about superb screenshots created by our users!

Author ROOKIE101 Author dorzen author NochnoiGid

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