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Welcome to the Developer Q&A section, in which we’re going to publish our most exciting development plans and explanations about how the game mechanics work. Simply and concisely.
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We recently changed the BRs for these mentioned aircraft, so the situation has changed. As for the new aircraft for the USSR - it is possible that we will add prototype jets based on German technology (Su-9). Germany has good aircraft at the mentioned BRs.
We do not plan to update the A6M series 3d model in the nearest future.
No, such an option is not planned. Jamming in game recreates a more complicated issue caused by overheating.
Bases and airfields are specially created objects that can be easily relocated without changing location itself. So, we think this simplification works fine. Besides that, there are ships. :)

Ground vehicles

We do not have such plans for the nearest future.
It’s a very specific vehicle and at the moment we do not have plans to introduce it.
It will be fixed in one of the nearest updates.
We know of the issue and it’s planned to be fixed.
Yes, we plan to implement alternate turning mechanics.
Because their amount is limited - it’s done for video memory optimization.

The War Thunder Team

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