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Type 87: The Japanese Gepard
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The Type 87 anti-aircraft gun entered into service in the Japanese Self-Defense Forces as a replacement for the hopelessly outdated American Duster SPAAG. The specification and concept for the new anti-aircraft vehicle was based on the German Gepard SPAAG that our players know so well. The vehicle used a modified Type 74 tank chassis and was equipped with the Oerlikon 35 mm twin cannon system as used in the Gepard. The vehicle was a success – more than 50 of these SPAAGs were put into production and several units remain in service today.

In War Thunder, the Type 87 SPAAG will take its place on rank V of the Japanese armoured vehicles research tree. In addition to fighting against aerial threats, the Type 87 can try its luck by attacking ground vehicles – for these purposes it’s preferable to research APCR ammo. You’d better not attack enemy tanks directly head-on, but the lightly armoured sides and rear of many top tanks are pretty much vulnerable to a heavy burst of 35 mm armour-piercing rounds.

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Needless to say, the Type 87’s place is not at the tip of the spear – its light bulletproof armour makes it easy prey even for aircraft cannons, and it only has a three-man crew. But its decent mobility and speed, passed on from the Type 74, allow the Type 87 to quickly reach cover or attack opponents from the side – and a seasoned commander will make good use of this capability!

The Type 87 SPAAG will be added to the game in the upcoming major update – follow the news!

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