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Winter Holidays survey results
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recently we ran a survey summarizing the results of the winter holidays specials, where the players could share their achievements or tell us about difficulties they faced. Some questions had several reply options.

Let’s check the results together!

Enemies, take heed! War Thunder players are marching down the path of war! Over 75% of players chose destroying enemies as their favourite task! While the number of “pacifists” is considerably lower - 42% of players preferred beating the target score of 2017.

Are you a tanker or a pilot? This is an important one, some tasks were easier to perform in ground battles while others seemed more comfortable for pilots.

The difference is not huge? Ok, now What prizes did you win?

Makes sense! Players managed to unlock more armoured vehicles than aircraft but anyway, almost everyone who got the vehicles, achieved what they wanted. Congratulations once again!

Now what about difficulties - which tasks proved to be the most challenging?

Hm, looks like people do not trust their teammates very much, of course it’s hard to turn the tide of battle whilst playing solo, especially several times in a row. But if you got lucky with your team what about time? Did you feel there was enough time to complete the tasks?

Not bad at all, less than half of the players experienced difficulties while trying to earn their desired vehicles.

Thank you to everyone who participated, your feedback is very important to us, tell us what do you think about the results - share your opinions!

The War Thunder Team

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