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Welcome to the new Developer Q&A section, in which we’re going to publish our most exciting development plans and explanations about how the game mechanics work. Simply and concisely.
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The Japanese aircraft armament present in the game that could possibly fire armor-piercing shells have already received them (the 37mm Type-94 on the Ki-45); Japan’s remaining high-caliber aircraft armament were intended to combat bombers and had no armor-piercing shells (but even if they were present, the ballistic qualities of these guns would not allow effective action against tanks).
The pzb2 present in the game happens to be capable of penetrating 130 mm of armor on a normal impact.
Statistically, in tank arcade battles for example, the ZSU-23-4 is the most effective ground vehicle thanks to its high effectiveness as an anti-air gun. It’s also very effective in RB. And these SPAAGs were introduced not as anti-tank guns, but primarily as a means of combating jet-powered aircraft, a perfect role for them in our opinion. The Yenisei is a possibility, but not in the near future.
No, we have no plans for that.
We are planning to include a premium heavy tank as a counterpart to the T-35 and other similar vehicles in other nations. Certain heavy tanks may appear in the standard branch as well. Those that were at least built to some extent.
We will likely add the Type-87 SPAA, in the case of the earlier versions, if we manage to find data on them we will add them.
We plan to introduce Т32Е1. The М103А2 is also possible.

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