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A change in the process of purchasing gifts
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Gaijin.Net Store

Dear players!

Most of you are aware that it is possible to purchase packs in the Gaijin.net store as a gift to your friends. Previously you will receive an activation key for the selected pack to send to a friend. 

We have simplified the process of buying gifts, now you just need to log in to your account in the store, select the desired item*, click "Buy as a gift", enter the nickname of your friend (or choose in your friend list) in the game, and pay for the order. The pack will be credited to the specified account immediately after a successful payment. If you still have non-activated gift keys outstanding – don’t worry, they can still be activated.

Moreover, now you can purchase a gift of any item in the store, except bundles consisting of multiple sets and even for accounts that previously weren't able to buy a present are now ready to purchase gifts. 

Please note, bundles (sets of packs) are not available for purchase as a gift. You cannot buy a pack as a gift for a user who already owns this pack (except Golden Eagles and Premium-account).You cannot buy a gift for a PSN account. DMM users in Japan can only send gifts to other DMM Japanese users. You can find additional information regarding buying gifts in our Knowledge Base.

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