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Japanese Pre-Order Packs!
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Dear players! We are happy to announce that next major update for War Thunder will soon be released. You can have a look at our recent devblogs for an overview of some of the new vehicles within the Japanese ground forces tree. Beginning today, you have an opportunity to pre-order special Japanese ground vehicles to gain access to the closed testing of Japanese Ground Forces with an extra bonus of unique 3D Decorations!

These packs contain a Japanese medium tank with a devastating 120mm howitzer and the legendary “Tiger” tank export variant for Japanese army. Two outstanding vehicles available for the pre-order in our online store.

Pre-order - Chi-ha 12cm advanced pack Pre-order - advanced pack Heavy Tank №6


This pack includes:

  • Type 97 Chi-Ha 12cm (Rank 2, Japan);
  • 1000 Golden Eagles;
  • 7 days of premium account;
  • Pre-order bonus - “Sakura” 3d decoration



This pack includes:

  • Pz.Kpfw.VI Ausf E Tiger (Rank 3, Japan);
  • 1000 Golden Eagles;
  • 7 days of premium account;
  • 9th tank regiment's camouflage;
  • Pre-order bonus - “Samurai Helmet” 3d decoration


Attention! You will get a tank and a decoration in update 1.65 “Way of the Samurai”. You will get Golden Eagles and premium time after purchase. Valid for Pc, Linux, Mac.  Sakura and Samurai helmet 3d decorations will be only available as a part of a pre-order! Japanese packs will not include them once the update is released  (*pc, mac, linux)


Type 97 Chi-Ha 12cm Pz.Kpfw.VI Ausf E Tiger
By the end of 1944, the Japanese army needed a tank somewhat similar to Ho-I but armed with more powerful weaponry. That is why the decision was made to mount a 120mm naval gun on Chi-Ha Kai tank, replacing its standard 47mm gun. Several cylinders of the recoil mechanism have been mounted around the gun, which were protected by an armoured cowl cover. High-explosive shells contain 2.5 kgs of explosives and can destroy most enemies within its rank with a single hit.
During World War 2, General Hiroshi Oshima, the Japanese ambassador in Berlin, visited the Eastern front where he saw the infamous “Tiger” tank in person. In May 1943 Japan made an offer to buy blueprints and/or an example of the vehicle itself. After discussing terms and possible variants it was decided to purchase Pz.Kpfw.VI Ausf E chassis No. 250455. This tank was also equipped with a mantlet that had a reinforced binocular sight. The machine is armed with the powerful 88mm KwK 36 gun, able to penetrate most of the Tiger's targets with ease.

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