18 September 2016

Art Contest

Dear players and Fine Arts experts!

After reviewing the entries of our newest Art Challenge competition, we are now happy to announce the winners! As always, a lot of effort has been put into the content that was created. The volume of participant did not help to make this matter any easier, but it has filled us all with great happiness - Every single one of you should be proud for your contribution: You're helping to expand the influence of the Artistic side of the War Thunder community and proving how talented it is!

Interested in joining any of the competitions below yourself? Then don't waste any time and visit the forums for more information!

 Winners of Pencil and Paper artwork category

1st place - 3 500 
Creator: theVIKINGalex
2nd place - 2 500 
Creator: EAF602Puff
3rd place - 1 500  
Creator: Oreopithecus

Winners of Digital Artwork category

1st place - 3 500 
Creator: teo_storm1
2nd place - 2 500 
Creator: njm0125
3rd place - 1 500  
Creator: Sick2day

Many of you have put a lot of effort into this contest, and it would be unfair for you to go empty handed out of this contest...as such, the following entries will  receive 200 :

Pencil & Paper  Digital Artwork

Well done and keep up the good work guys!
Thank you all for your participation in the Art Challenge, and we'll see you again in October for Art Challenge #6!

You can find more interesting content from our players on our Live.WT site and in our Media section!

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