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Super Golden Eagles giveaway and Naval gameplay!
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  Dear players,

today is a sizzling day at Gamescom 2016 - we will be showcasing naval battles gameplay for the first time and will introduce a new German craft! Check the details in the stream schedule.

Are you already one of our viewers? Then we have more good news for you - today we will be giving away thousands and thousands of Golden Eagles! All that is needed is your attention!

From 14:30 GMT to 16:00 GMT during our twitch stream, we will give you keywords that you will need to post in the chat, when you do this - you will join the giveaway and the more keywords you post - the greater chance of winning you have!

We will be giving away codes for 150, 500 and 1 000 Golden Eagles, you will receive the codes via your twitch PM! The codes should be activated before the 22nd of August.

 How to get your code:

Unfold your profile

Open Messages

Get your code

See you on the Stream

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