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PT-810: The American Leviathan
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We are pleased to present another hero of War Thunder naval warfare:
the heavily armed American PT-810 torpedo boat.

The PT-810 was one of four experimental boats built in 1945 with various armaments, but with an identical powertrain. She is a rather large patrol torpedo boat with a draft displacement of 90 tons. The craft was designed to be equipped with armaments of several types at once. The first, of course, was torpedoes: four torpedo tubes with Mk 16 torpedoes were located along the vessel’s sides. In the stern, the engineers placed two depth charge launchers. They also didn’t skimp on artillery armament: the experience of real-life battles had resulted in some significant corrections to the requirements for patrol boats. Two single Bofors 40 mm guns were placed in rotating turrets in the bow and stern of the boat. Two twin Oerlikon 20mm guns were mounted on the bridge and above the engine compartment. As if this wasn't enough, the boat was also equipped with an 81 mm Mk 2 Mod 0 mortar with the ability to fire shells not only in a high arc, but also with direct aim.

The vessel was propelled by four engines, each putting out 1,200 hp. Thanks to the boat’s small mass, these engines gave her an excellent speed of 44 knots (over 80 km/h). In the game, the vessel has a crew of 24.

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In War Thunder, the PT-810 will take a relatively high position in the US navy tech tree. The high rank is explained by the simply overwhelming combat capability for a craft of this class and the absolutely universal applicability of the vessel. Her four powerful torpedoes are suitable for destroying large enemy ships. The rapid-firing twin Oerlikons in their swiftly rotating turrets are perfectly suited for firing at air targets and for eliminating the crews of enemy vessels. In the meantime, the Bofors 40mm gun will methodically knock out all the critically important internal modules of enemy boats and can cause numerous fires with only a few hits. But none of this is likely to be required if the player can accurately fire the boat’s most powerful weapon – the 81 mm mortar, a mere few shots from which can guarantee the destruction of any craft of the same class.

PT-810 is one of the best vessels in the game. Very soon, we’ll start the closed beta test of War Thunder’s naval warfare, and the PT-810 will become a worthy reward for all players that begin researching the American naval tech tree. Hurry and book yourself a participation in the closed beta test! See you soon!

The War Thunder Team!

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