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Tactical Landing (updated with winners list)
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Starting every day from  August 17th to August 21st

participate in the “Tactical Landing” special.

Win access to the Closed Beta Test of Naval Forces in War Thunder!

Do you want to be one of the first to take part in the War Thunder Naval Battles CBT

Complete five battles in the “Tactical Landing” special event and be one of the top 5 players by the end of the day (by the amount of earned silver lions on the results of the day) to win access to CBT of War Thunder Naval Battles!

  • Each day you will receive 1 free ticket which are required to participate in the "Tactical Landing" event. Each ticket grants 5 battles in the event 
  • Tickets will be received by all players who already have vehicles of rank III and higher
  • Event will be available in Arcade battles for participation with Ground Vehicles and Aircraft.
  • You can follow your progress in the leaderboards for the event.

Every day you will be able to  join “Tactical Landing” event. The event will be available in Arcade mode, both aircraft and ground vehicles may participate, a player should have at least 1 vehicle that takes part in the event.  

You can follow your progress in the leaderboard. Don't miss our Gamescom activities on the 2016 live streams, we'll be giving out CBT access there as well!

Results will be announced every evening at 17:30 (GMT)  live on our stream from Gamescom 2016. 

Dont forget to make the most of boosters to earn more Silver Lions and climb the ranks of the leaderboard!

Winners of the 1st day:  

_FearHouse_, DEN_maloy, Ne3NaKoMeTS, _ser_ and _ZmEi_ 

Winners of the 2nd day:  

*RiVaLShoTz, Wojewoda82, oleg1232178, Deutschland_E100, denis19ji 

Winners of the 3rd day:  

CAROM, Object701M, Foster89, ROMU4, ScienceD​

Winners of the 4th day:  

Dzhimmi, Owner203, AlephZed, ZO66IT, San4es_san​

Be sure to stay tuned to the news!

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